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Ruth Eckerd Hall's Legacy Society

(as of 03/14/19)

Ruth Eckerd Hall thanks Legacy Society members for including the Hall, the Marcia P. Hoffman School of the Arts and the Capitol Theatre in their estate plans.

Your legacy gift will help our organization keep the dream of the arts and arts education alive in our community for generations to come.

  • Ms. Merrilee Albright
  • Barry and Judith Alpert
  • Mrs. Gloria Batts
  • Mr. J. Forrest Bennett
  • Mrs. Greta Cesario
  • Mr. and Mrs. Carroll Cheek
  • George and Doris Dalack
  • Ms. Maria Duranona
  • Mrs. Dorothy Dutcher
  • Mrs. Julia Eiden
  • Mrs. Sharon Ellis-Champagne
  • Fred and Aleta Fisher
  • Alan and Marcia Gassman
  • Mardy & Charlene Gordon
  • Ms. Linda Suzzanne Griffin-Keliher
  • Mrs. Patricia Grubb
  • Mrs. Gladys Douglas Hackworth
  • Mr. Ed Halleran and Mr. Steve Sika
  • Ms. Doreen Halliwell
  • Mr. James Harper
  • Ms. Renée Hurley
  • Mr. and Mrs. Larry Ingram
  • Mr. and Mrs. Bill Johnson
  • Ms. Tammy Levent
  • Dave and Mary Macdaid
  • Mr. Richard W. Murphy
  • Wilma & Jim Price
  • Mr. and Mrs. Dean Ramus
  • Mr. & Mrs. Richard H. Redmon
  • Michael and Carla Soave Roy
  • Herbert and Mavis Schwartz
  • Bob and Cathy Smith
  • Mr. Andrew Spetz
  • David P. and Deborah G. Stone
  • Jeffrey and Penny Thomas
  • Mrs. Ray W. Trautlein
  • Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Willey